Why Meghan Markle Is Becoming The Most Hated Woman In Britain

And the systemic sexism she’s exposing at the heart of our nation

The latest allegations against Meghan Markle are further proof of sexism within the British press and the Royal Family.

It was reported on March 2nd that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had been urged to postpone the release of their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, due to air March 7th on CBS. The interview, which promises shocking revelations and intimate details about the couple’s experience in the UK, has been deemed as inappropriate while Prince Philip (the Queen’s husband for those of you who don’t watch The Crown) is hospitalised.

The interview will undoubtedly create a media storm on both sides of the Atlantic, so it might be understandable that the Royal Family wish to delay the frenzy out of respect for Prince Philip’s health.

Except on March 3rd, Buckingham Palace launched an investigation into allegations of bullying made against Meghan Markle, creating a media frenzy with a narrative that suits them.

The dangerous double-standard of Royal sexism

Once again Meghan Markle is being accused of humiliating staff, driving assistants to quit, cruelty, and emotional manipulation. Once again she is being painted as a pantomime villain that has sunk her horrible American nails into poor Prince Harry.

And it’s just in time to coincide with an interview that could potentially result in the biggest royal crisis since the death of Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew, a man accused of sexual encounters with multiple underage girls during his escapades with convicted sex offender and close friend, Jeffrey Epstein, has escaped with barely a mention in the British media since the scandal broke in 2019.

A man who was wanted for questioning by the US Department of Justice remains free from media criticism, comfortably squirreled away in his 30-room Grade II listed mansion, complete with 98 acres of grounds. The only consequence he has faced in light of these allegations is his removal from public duties.

It seems the solution to Prince Andrew is to relieve him of any responsibility and allow him to live his life in peace and quiet, while Meghan Markle is paraded as a monster through the British media — all because she has the audacity to challenge the system.

The Duchess of Defiance

From being lauded as a breath of fresh air for the Royal image to being branded as the Duchess of Difficult, Meghan Markle has been subject to the full spectrum of the British media’s mercurial opinions.

Unlike Meghan’s parallel within the Royal family — Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge — who has embraced her role with graceful obedience, Markle chose to fight for her autonomy.

The establishment of the British monarchy isn’t accepting of individuality, and pro-establishment publications are quick to jump on anything that could be a threat to the system. Once it became clear that Meghan Markle was going to be the independent, strong woman that she had been for all of her life prior to becoming a Duchess, the British media reacted in the only way they know.

It began with irrational criticism of her every move, outfit and decision, and quickly moved to invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and breach of Data Protection Act. Markle’s choice to maintain her identity, rather than give it all up for the fairy-tale of marrying a Prince, became enough for the majority of the British press to demonise her.

She refused to conform to the acceptable format for Royal wife — demure, compliant, and uncomplaining — and chose defiance. For these crimes she was condemned to merciless scrutiny that could easily be construed as harassment.

Meghan Markle might be difficult to work for. She might be mean and impossible to satisfy. She could be a really awful person.

I don’t care because I don’t see it as my business to judge her.

She has committed no crimes beyond potentially being a bad employer — absolutely nothing when compared to the allegations against Prince Andrew.

All I truly know about her is that she was a divorced American actress who met, fell in love and married Prince Harry. I know she is a mother. I know she is defiant. I know I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say to Oprah.

To see her dragged through the press is a nauseating reminder that I live in a country that reveres good behaviour over truth and choice. Royal men are allowed to molest underage girls, but a Royal woman must never have a strong opinion. The sexist double standard is so painfully blatant.

As a British woman who has never once recognised the Royal family as a source of inspiration or respect, Meghan Markle is having a profound impact on my perspective. I can appreciate that she is willing to stand her ground, to lock horns with the establishment and question an antiquated system. From my point of view she is a better role model for 21st century women than anyone else currently holding a title.

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